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Monkey Toy Chest

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Welcome to Monkey Toy Chest!

Monkey Toy Chest was created after a request from Carter; he loved watching all the toy reviews and other great children's channels on YouTube. He wanted his family to join in and help him create some fun to share with others, so our channel has Carter, Brody, Daddy and Mummy all getting involved!

We do a mixture of wonderful things at Monkey Toy Chest, including opening toys, playing, educational activities, trips and goofing around.

Our aim is to build the channel to success enabling us to set up a foundation to provide toys and support to under privileged children, hospitals and other charities close to our hearts.

If you would like any of your toys to feature on Monkey Toy Chest please get in touch!

We hope you enjoy Monkey Toy Chest! Like, comment, subscribe and check us out on Instagram and Twitter @MonkeyToyChest

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