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₩ 7918.4만-₩ 1.59억
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7 일14 일30 일
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Teddy Kittens

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Hello dear friends☺️! My name is Irina. I have a British shorthair kittens and cats of a rare color🤗 !. My kittens find their new parents from different countries. Some of my kittens already live in USA, Italy, Thailand and Scotland. On my channel I will show you the life of my cats and kittens. Subscribe to my channel !.
Cats have taken over most of my heart ♥️. They are a great pill for depression 😊. I thank God for such incredible animals🙏. This may seem surprising, but I'm allergic to cats 😆. In childhood, allergies tormented me so much that parents had to give all our cats to other families. But my love for cats is stronger and I cannot live without them. Now allergies to cats almost do not bother me. Cats and kittens give me a lot of their love and sweetness, that I have to shoot videos for all of you, so that you smile more and be overloaded with cuteness.🥰

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