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The Beat The Cyberbully initiative
Beat The Cyberbully
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cybersafety cyberbullying online reputation online reputation management education and awareness

The Beat The Cyberbully (BTCB) initiative was started in the UK & Ireland by founder Wayne Denner - it was brought to the UAE in 2014 by Barry Lee Cummings and together they are trying to bridge the gap between parents and children in the digital age.

Increasing levels of education and awareness around cybersafety, cyberbullying and the importance of your online reputation - BTCB is a not for profit initiative delivering relevant, inspiring seminar sessions at schools, at parent associations and in businesses to get us talking. Only by increasing our own levels of understanding can we help to fight the scourge that is cyberbullying and guide our children on how to use the amazing tool at their disposal to design the life they want to lead.