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[App Trailer] Baby Shark Car Town
Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories
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Play kids car racing games, match jigsaw puzzles, and solve the maze at the newly designed ""Baby Shark Car Town""!
What's your favorite car? The Police Car? Ambulance? Monster Truck? Or the Helicopter?
Come and play with them all!


POLICE CARS & FIRE TRUCKS: Protect the Town!
- A situation! Pick a car to keep the safety of the town.
- Use to police car to catch the thieves and drive along the town.
- Drive the fire truck to extinguish the fire.

AMBULANCE & HELICOPTERS: Rush to the Rescue!
- Help! Drive the ambulance or the helicopter to rescue friends who are in need of help!
- Clean each car and figure out the names of each!
- Wash and color the cars and develop your curiosity!

MONSTER TRUCKS: We're Super Duper Strong!
- What's the name and the role of the car that can dig the ground deep? Play quiz games!
- Follow the numbers and dig the ground with the monster truck.
- Learn about their characteristics with fun kids games.

DELIVERY & GARBAGE TRUCKS: Improve the Community!
- Your delivery's here! Help the car deliver boxes to our neighbors.
- Clean the city and improve the environment with the garbage truck.
- Learn the roles of our community's best pals!

SCHOOL BUS: Take us Anywhere!
- Count the number of friends in the school bus before driving. Learn numbers 1 to 10 at the same time!
- Follow the numbers on the road with Pinkfong's super car! Play number games!
- Develop fine motor skills and creativity with fun coloring games.

- Watch Pinkfong's 18 best animated videos featuring the different types of cars.
- Sing-along to familiar nursery rhymes and learn the features of different cars naturally.
- All content are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

*Baby Shark Car Town is an interactive app packed with fun car games for kids in preschool.
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