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Tayo Songs & Titipo Songs
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Ah~! Help~!
What's this sound?! We're on the move!
Vroom Vroom Go Go Go!
Rescue team! Go Go Go!
If you need help
Just call us!
The Brave rescue team!
Help me! Frank!
Red fire truck
Puts out the fire
Water with a long hose and
Put out the fire!
Leave it to me!
Oh! Help, Air!
It flies up in the sky
Anywhere high up
It flies up in the sky
No! Alice! It's your turn!
White ambulance
Takes off on the road
Taking, taking injured people
Takes off on the road
Oh, my goodness. Pat! I need your help!
Blue police car
Move out of the way
The siren’s ringing wee woo wee woo
Move out of the way
Thank you so much~!
Vroom Vroom Go Go Go!
Rescue team! Go Go Go!
Wherever help is needed!
Just call us!
The Brave rescue team!

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