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MiniFood 食べれるミニチュア 鶏の唐揚げ miniature Fried chicken
Miniature Space
Miniature Space 342만 구독자 수 343 동영상 수 5.87억 누적 조회수 2019-07-31 업데이트 날짜 2021-09-13
동영상 조회수191.15만
좋아요 클릭비율 98.5%
구독자 조회비율 55.9%
아주 좋아요
동영상 예상 가치 ₩ 6599.67만 - ₩ 1.2억
구독자 참여율 2.82%
동영상 태그
料理 mini food miniature Kawaii miniaturespace cooking Small dishes ミニチュア миниатюрный Miniature 미니어처 ขนาดเล็ก MiniFood 食べれるミニチュア 食べれる 唐揚げ から揚げ 揚げ物 Fried chicken Chicken fry
mail:[email protected] 今回は食べれるミニチュア鶏の唐揚げを作りました。

We provide miniature kitchen, and kitchen tools such as kitchen knife, the movies of miniature cooking are very popular on YouTube now.

We produce edible miniature dishes.
All of the kichien we use, cooking ingredients, small articles are bought in Japan.
As we don't use English, there will be the cases we can't answer the questions, if you give.
Please forgive us.
Be careful that we don't get the Facebook pages open.

Business email
Email:[email protected] [email protected] insta

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