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DIY Guinea Pig Food Tree | FOUR PAWS |
FOUR PAWS International
FOUR PAWS International 1.99만 구독자 수 722 동영상 수 2069.42만 누적 조회수 2019-07-29 업데이트 날짜 2021-10-22
동영상 조회수1342
좋아요 클릭비율 94.4%
구독자 조회비율 6.7%
동영상 예상 가치 ₩ 1.07만 - ₩ 2.04만
구독자 참여율 7.75%
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FOUR PAWS VIER PFOTEN guinea pig pet food tree DIY animals animal welfare
Lack of stimulation: Like many animals, guinea pigs can get bored. Give them things to do. Frequently rearranging the objects in their enclosure is a good way to keep them stimulated.

Our tip: Get creative! Make something that will keep your little friends entertained - like this 'Guinea pig food tree'.

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