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INDIA VS. PAKISTAN - कौनसा देश भौगोलिक रूप में बेहतर है | Ind Vs. Pak Geography
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Hello friends, ever wondered why Pakistan's geography sucks soo much? Why does Pakistan fight with India for having Kashmir? I mean it, India and Pakistan have gone on war thrice just for Kashmir. And today's there's a LOC made between India and Pakistan. In fact, the man responsible for creating boundaries for India and Pakistan, England lawyer- ‘Sir Cyril Radclife’, just divided the nations based on a religious basis. He did not take other considerations into account. And this is why today both India and Pakistan face several boundary-related issues. Pakistan shares its boundaries with 4 nations- India, China, Afghanistan, and Iran, out of which Pakistan's relation with India and Afghanistan is strained. Similarly, India shares its boundaries with 6 nations- Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, out of which India's relation is quite strained with Pakistan and China! China has gone on to war with India in 1962, for an undisputed land between them- Arunachal Pradesh or Aksai Chin which China calls theirs! Now, what if the Himalayan region, that divides India and China, and which is also known as which is known as the lifeline of India were not there? What would have happened? And did you know? If Pakistan's Karachi airport gets captured by any powerful nation, the entire supplies in Pakistan would abruptly stop. Now, where would that leave Pakistan? And is Indian geography really beneficial for India, or is it creating a lot of ruckus for India? Stay tuned to know more in our today's video.

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