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[한국어 자막] 영국 가수들이 반응합니다 BRITISH SINGERS (& Sisters) React to BIG MAMA - Killing Voice
Koko3op 5.08만 구독자 수 738 동영상 수 2042.73만 누적 조회수 2022-02-24 업데이트 날짜 2022-04-03
동영상 조회수46.87만
좋아요 클릭비율 1.66%
구독자 조회비율 100%
동영상 예상 가치 ₩ 849.62만 - ₩ 1173.29만
구독자 참여율 2.49%
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Help Support this channel! My Patreon is live!
I love creating for this channel however I do need some help to keep me going! They'll be award show reactions on there just for Patreons as well as some behind the scenes footage at some point because I have a TON of bloopers, I may do some personal reactions for comebacks myself!
Starting from only £1 a month! Thank you!

Hello everyone, welcome to Koko3op, (Yes, we are named after the EXO song as we are EXOL's at heart) a club night based in London however we are also content creators that will provide K-Pop lovers with reaction videos and many many more!

We hope you'll enjoy what's to come and will join us for the ride!

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