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Dead by Daylight | Around the Campfire w/ Crypt TV & Dead Meat
Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight 92.7만 구독자 수 400 동영상 수 1.34억 누적 조회수 2021-05-14 업데이트 날짜 2021-09-21
동영상 조회수10.39만
좋아요 클릭비율 3.62%
구독자 조회비율 11.2%
동영상 예상 가치 ₩ 224.19만 - ₩ 260.12만
구독자 참여율 8.09%
동영상 태그
dead by daylight dbd behaviour interactive bhvr slasher game survival horror
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.

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