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Hurler Cian Lynch supports Team Limerick Clean Up 6
I Love Limerick
I Love Limerick 2600 구독자 수 499 동영상 수 149.61만 누적 조회수 2021-03-04 업데이트 날짜 2021-09-22
동영상 조회수234
좋아요 클릭비율 100%
구독자 조회비율 9%
동영상 예상 가치 ₩ 1079 - ₩ 3237
구독자 참여율 1.28%
동영상 태그
TLC6 will take place this Good Friday in a ‘different but doable’ manner whilst complying with all public health guidelines issued by the HSE. Schools week is planned for March 22, 2021 and more information will be communicated to participating schools in due course. Schools wishing to take part should visit the Team Limerick Clean-Up website to register. #lovelimerick

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