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Moose in a Waterfall at the Flume Gorge - White Mountains, NH
Real World - New Hampshire
Real World - New Hampshire 262 구독자 수 117 동영상 수 6.98만 누적 조회수 2018-06-08 업데이트 날짜 --
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moose new hampshire nh flume gorge franconia notch nhstateparks nature waterfalls wildlife animals swimming white mountains
Thanks to our friend and NH photographer Ellen Edersheim for these incredible images. Edited by Real World - New Hampshire. For more original videos of NH wildlife go to:

PLEASE NOTE: The photographer was nowhere near the moose and was safe on a manmade boardwalk. They were not blocking its path. The moose could not have exited in their direction as they are standing on top of a sheer cliff. The moose was not in danger. It simply turns around and goes out the way it came.