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#15AFAME Season1 Finale 'FanFaves V'
15AFAME 702 구독자 수 14 동영상 수 3161 누적 조회수 2017-03-26 업데이트 날짜 --
동영상 조회수349
좋아요 클릭비율 13.18%
구독자 조회비율 49.7%
아주 좋아요
동영상 예상 가치 ₩ 7552 - ₩ 8631
구독자 참여율 190.83%
동영상 태그
#15AFAMESeason1Finale/FanFavesV: In this our big Season 1 Finale,I reveal your long awaited voting results from both Segment VI & VII as we crown our final #15AFAMEFanFaves of the first season!!! Although,it doesn’t end there this segment is packed with tons of extras that nobody should miss,so be sure to share on social media too! We’ve got an all new Season of #15AFAME currently in production & will be starting very soon,so this segment I'll also be sharing exciting news about some big changes & improvements coming to the channel in the new season!! Finally I’d like to take this opportunity to #Salute all the amazing people who contributed to & supported #15AFAME throughout our 1st season!. Please checkout the links below of our Top 2 Content Contributors from these 2 Segments & be sure to Subscribe as well to show your support! Also Don’t forget to Submit your videos for Season 2 via our new official video submission form!! Here’s the direct link to our #15AFAME Official Web Submission Form:

#15AFAMEFanFave: 'Zombie Office Game' Submitted by: The ZOffice Crew YouTube Channel Twitter: FaceBook: FB:

Official WEBSite:

#15AFAMEFanFave: 'Good Enough Cartoons' Submitted by: The Good Enough Crew YouTube Channel: Twitter:

Additional Video Credits: I would like to Acknowledge Carlos Ortega Elizalde for the amazing Delorean intro animation Please check out his other works at : &
Also Special Thanks to Diego Sandler of DS Graphic Designer for his assistance with Developing Page Graphics & Promotional Images for this channel. If you need Graphics,he’s the man to contact! or connect with him on Social Media: .

#15AFAME is Created,Produced,Edited & Hosted by Steve Courtney Twitter:

Also be sure to CheckOut #15AFAME's New Official Twitter Page: