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The Musical Wizardry behind the Jazz Turnaround
David Bruce Composer
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I take a look at a technique used in all kinds of music, from jazz turnaround, to Indian classical music, to Beethoven Sonatas. It's a way of creating a bit of 'magic' in a musical composition, though a bit of careful planning. The sonata featured in the opening is Beethoven's Opus 49 No.2, with a beat stolen from Jacob Collier :-) Check out June Lee's fantastic video on 'Harmonic Arrival' which inspired me to start thinking about this whole topic:

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Mark Ronson - I Can't Lose ft. Keyone Starr (Pomo Remix)

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Jacob Collier - Time Alone With You ft. Daniel Caesar

Jacob Collier Ancona Rehearsal

and transcription of rehearsal:

David Bruce: The Eye of Night (Myriad Trio)

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