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Faisal Khan

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채널 태그
My name is Faisal Khan and I am the founder of MotorBeam and FK-R. I am an MBA in Finance by qualification and entrepreneur by profession.

Cars and motorcycles are my passion and on this channel, I show you a real world experience of driving a vehicle via my POV vlogs, I also show you the BTS of my shoots, travel and office.

I am the very first automobile blogger in India and the biggest automobile influencer in the country with a combined subscriber base in excess of 2.5 million fans.

My love for automobiles means that I will make a video of each and every car and bike I come across, irrespective of the price, right from the cheapest to the most expensive machines, I even drive trucks, tractors and tuk-tuk's occasionally.

My videos aren't reviews but more of an experience, everything is raw and unscripted, making it honest, fun and relatable.

I post daily vlogs at 11:30 AM (I do a YouTube live once every weekend) and a multitude of posts and stories on Instagram every day.

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